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Oliva & Partners sell 716 James Street
Oliva Companies and their partners sell the 60+ year old red brick office/medical building at 716 Jame...


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6724 Thompson Road
Syracuse, New York 13211
Phone:(315) 463-8684
Fax:(315) 463-4761

Properties Listings

Staples Trucking Terminal A-01 Details
Myers Road Professional Center A-03 Details
D-03 (101 N. Constellation Wy.) D-03 Details
D-04 (7021 Performance Dr.) D-04 Details
D-05 (6296 Fly Rd.) D-05 Details
D-06 (104 Boss Rd.) D-06 Details
Airlane Park 2 D-08 Details
320 Gateway Park Dr., E. Syracuse GPC Details
H-6 (6500 Joy Rd.) H-06 Details
Collamer Office Building H-08 Details
H-10 (6766 Old Collamer Rd.) H-10 Details
H-11 (6770 Old Collamer Rd.) H-11 Details
H-12 (1 Adler Dr.) H-12 Details
H-13 (3 Adler Dr.) H-13 Details
H-14 (5 Adler Dr.) H-14 Details
H-18 (10 Adler Dr.) H-18 Details
Impulse K-9 Doggie Day Care H-20 Details
Sonic Drive-in, North Syracuse H-26 Details
H-29 (6067 Corporate Dr.) H-29 Details
H-32 (6035 Corporate Dr.) H-32 Details
H-33 (14 Corporate Cr.) H-33 Details
H-36 (16 Corporate Cr.) H-36 Details
H-37 (18 Corporate Cr.) H-37 Details
H-40 (6801 Old Collamer Rd.) H-40 Details
H-41 (6019 Corporate Dr.) H-41 Details
H-42 (6816 Ellicott Dr.) H-42 Details
Cicero Professional Building H-44 Details
716 James St., Syracuse JSP Details
Kirkwood Office Park 3 M-01 Details
Fly Road Professional Center 1 M-02A Details
Fly Road Professional Center 2 M-02B Details
Old Collamer Road Corporate Center M-03 Details
Macknight Bacon Professional Center M-04 Details
P-01 (6700 Thompson Rd.) P-01 Details
P-04 (6295 E. Molloy Rd.) P-04 Details
P-05 (6838 Ellicott Dr.) P-05 Details
P-08 (6057 Corporate Dr.) P-08 Details
P-12 (5 Technology Pl.) P-12 Details
Fly Road Commons 1 P-13A Details
Fly Road Commons 2 P-13B Details
P-15 (6724 Thompson Rd.) P-15 Details
P-16 (7010 Fly Rd.) P-16 Details
P-17 (7020 Fly Rd.) P-17 Details
P-18 (7030 Fly Rd.) P-18 Details
6700 Kirkville Road Professional Center P-19 Details
P-20 (6757 Kinne St.) P-20 Details


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